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Redesdale Residents Association, Kilmacud, Dublin
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When it all started
On  Saturday the 10th of June 1950 the following entry was recorded in the  very first minutes of the Redesdale Residents Association - "Mr  Wallace proposed a vote of thanks to Mr O'Connor for his generosity in  allowing the members use his house as a meeting place. This was seconded  by all members present." With the next  meeting being agreed for the following week to deal with urgent  business, the first Redesdale Residents Association was born. For the  following fifty nine years the association worked tirelessly for the  community until it became inactive in 2008/2009.

Various  matters came up for discussion at that first meeting and it is worth  keeping in mind construction of the houses in Redesdale Garden Estate  had not yet been completed. Below are a few snippets from the minutes of  the inaugural meeting:
  • Rules: interestingly, it was proposed by Mr. Hannigan to procure the 'Ballymun Tenants Association Rule Book' for the guidance of the committee.
  • Defects in houses: a  resolution was passed that members submit, in duplicate, a list of  defects in their house to the secretary. A further proposal was made by  Mr. Kelly that the Secretary write to Redesdale Construction Co. Ltd and  inform them that the association had been formed and that he had a list  of various defects in the houses.
  • Gypsies horses: it  was also agreed the Secretary would inform the Ground Landlord -  General and Industrial Corp. Ltd that the lands were being used as a  camping site by gypsies and their horses.
Association revived 2019
Fast  forward to the 24th June 2019 when a well attended meeting in St.  Laurence's Parish Centre were in unanimous agreement to reactivate the  association. Topics aired at the general meeting included:
• Constitution • Insurance • GDPR • Parkland
• Annual Subscription • Clean-up Day
• Events • Communications.
All of which will be taken on board by the new committee.
On  foot of this fourteen members were elected as an interim committee  representing all roads in the associations catchment area and the new  committee convened the first meeting for Tuesday the 25th June 2019.

At  the Annual general meeting on the 24th June 2019 to reactivate the  Redesdale Residents Association an interim committee representing all  roads in the association was elected.
As  a consequence of Covid 19 the RRA were unable to hold an AGM and it was  decided to keep the interim committe in place until it was possible to  do so.
On  May 16th 2022 the association held an AGM in St. Laurence's Parish  Centre and the interim committee was unanimously returned for a further  year with one additional member.
Dale Close
Donogh O'Brien, James Kenny
Dale Drive
Keith Halloran
Dale Road
Paul McElroy, Darren Isaacson, Tom Daly, Deirdre Moran
St. Kevins Park
Maria Roynane, Mick Casey
Anville Drive
Karen Devine   
Rathmore Ave
Paddy Loscher
Highridge Green
Catherine Donoghue, Nuala Casey

This is the original RRA seal used by the first residents association for official documents.
Redesdale House
Built in the early 18th century and was the country home of Sir Michael Smith who was born in 1740. more >

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